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    SS Grate Magnetic

    My shop-magnet is highly attacted to the new intake grate. I thought stainless was non-magnetic? The SS bolts I had already purchased are non-magnet.
    Can someone expain?

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    the answer is that it depends. There are several families of stainless steels with different physical properties. A basic stainless steel has a 'ferritic' structure and is magnetic. These are formed from the addition of chromium and can be hardened through the addition of carbon (making them 'martensitic') and are often used in cutlery. However, the most common stainless steels are 'austenitic' - these have a higher chromium content and nickel is also added. It is the nickel which modifies the physical structure of the steel and makes it non-magnetic.

    So the answer is yes, the magnetic properties of stainless steel are very dependent on the elements added into the alloy, and specifically the addition of nickel can change the structure from magnetic to non-magnetic.

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    316 is not magnetic....

    316 is marine grade.

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    From Jerry's post in the grate thread he said it was 15-5 SST which is a martensitic grade.
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    Many driveshafts are also made with PH 15-5 and 17-4 which are also magnetic. Percipitation Hardness. These materials can reach over 200ksi in ultimate tensile strength and yield strength in the H900 heat treat condition.

    Pound for pound not too many materials are stronger that would be suitable for applications like this and they have excellent corrosion resistance

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