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    900zxi overheated

    the wife was riding with our youngest infront of her and didn't see the hot light come on and end result was no compression #1, 25psi #2 and 75psi #3. So I took it apart and looks like 1 and 2 pistons started to melt with aluminum transfer to sleeves, head doesn't appear to be damaged but the paint is discolored, exhaust manifold turned completely black, both hoses damaged to waterbox. It had overheated once before but I backflushed the cooling system and the next time out it ran great all day. I did find that 4 of the 6 bolts that bolt the carbs in place were completely backed out and it looked like # 1 might have been drawing some air also there was some sand in cooling passages by cylinder sleeves and the jet pump definitely needs some repair as there is damage around the fin by the cooling system inlet. my first question is could these problems be the reason for the overheat? It ran fine after the first time it got hot and I flushed it and there really wasn't a lot of sand in around cylinders and the other issues I think have been there for a while. My second question is that I have found a guy trying to get rid of a 1100zxi with hull damage and I am wandering if I can just swap in this engine in place of the 900?

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    bolts backing out..very very very bad.

    did I say bad?..very. I wonder if the hot light actually went on or not. Lean mixture will smoke an engine pretty quickly, even if the cooling system is working, by the time the pipe gets enough to throw the warning, the meltdown has begun.

    No doubt you've seen pictures of the effect of superlean mixtures.

    Use lots more loctite on the carb bolts. On my carb work I put a label in the hull of the ski warning that the carb bolts MUST be heated for removal. I see quite a few where the bolts come out too easily. I wonder why we got away from mechancial locking tabs like on the old kawasai twins. ( perhaps the tabswould break when folks were too cheap to replace them after each use and fall into the intakes)

    I did a ultra last week where the moron that put it together after a top end job totally screwed the pooch and let one of the carb manifold gaskets ( those metal ones) slip OFF the locating studes and sit crooked on the inlet. Being somewhat misquided the carb bolts ( and plugs) were heavily coated in anti-sieze.

    Luckily<?>) for the rider the throttle jammed wide open within a minute of two of starting out, but the plug on the #1 was already pure white..compression was good, but no doubt the rings took a bit of a thrashing. The rider was at least following break in advice and not going flat out after waiting a few months for the repair work to be done.

    I trust somebody else will chime in with the engie swap info, but I'd say neat if it was a boltup, but I kinda doubt it.

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