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    New to GH with some questions?951 XPL

    Hey guys,
    I just bought a 98 XPL in near mint condition for $2500 from a guy that seemed to baby this thing.I have a few concerns.First is:when I got the sea doo home I noticed that there was alot of premix and water on the bottom of the hull(aboat a quart worth).This seadoo only has 30hours on it(divorce and sitting in storage).What would cause this?Second:Is it normal for the ski to idle real high when you first start it(1 min running at 5500 rpms)? If anyone is local to SoCal please stop by and shoot me some advice! I want to take this out without hurting it further(if it hurt at all).
    Thanks In advance

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    So Cal.....
    I can help!!! I'm in so cal...

    [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by PiMPNXP View Post
    I can help!!! I'm in so cal...

    [email protected]
    Whats up dan.We will be talking.I may need some tips on how to do some stuff on these things.

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