I have read the thread but the manuel is different??
It says
1- Fog Fogging tube
2- Fog Plug holes
3- Fog valves through fuel rail openings.
4- Anti-freeze into waterbox.
Now here is where its different. It says on page 119 that the exhaust system is self draining BUT that the Intercooler and exhaust manifold need to be drained to avoid damages.
It shows a fabricated 2 foot hose that is screwed into the rear hose connection with a compressed air nozzle or schrader valve clamped to the end of the 2 foot hose. I have fabricated this with a sachrader valve to attach a compressor.
It then says to pump 100 PSI compressed air through the flush connection until all fluid stops coming out the back of the ski. I suppose this is to remove and water from the manifold and intercooler.
I can buy a $55 100 PSI 1 gallon compressor at Walmart and do this instead of pumping antifreeze into the manifold and intercooler! Any thoughts on this??????