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    Just bought a pair of XP's.. 97XP and 98XPL. need some help

    Hey everyone. i have been lurking around here for the past couple days soaking up what i can about the ski's i just bought. I have yet to put these things in the water and want to make sure that i do any preventative maintanence that may cause me some problems. I also have a question about the 98 XPL.

    The 97 XP:

    Has 120 hours. is in ok condition cosmetically. the gelcoat could use some TLC but i plan on repainting the ski anyways. previous owner was retired and took good care of them. always ran synthetic and flushed after every run. He was the second owner of them and the 1st owner was a friend of his that took care of them similarly. he was selling them because he has gotten too old for them and wanted to buy a boat. I did notice that the head bolts and the exhaust bolts have some paint off of them leading me to believe that there has been some work done to this ski. the grey fuel lines are gone. the only grey line that i saw was the cooling pisser line. He started the ski for me and it started and ran fine. The thumb throttle on this ski is a little loose.

    The 98 XPL:

    Also has 120 hours. Same condition cosmetically. same owner history. Grey fuel lines also gone on this ski. the head bolts on this ski were still under paint and look untouched. This ski when started up had a high idle. The seller said that once the ski warmed up it would settle down and run perfectly.

    so i guess my questions are:
    1)what should i do before my first trip out on the ski's
    2) can the thumb throttle on the XP be tightend up?
    3) what do you think might be causing the high initial idle on the XPL?

    I have some pictures of the engine compartments and rear drive systems of both ski's. If interested i can post the pictures. i just didnt want to use up a bunch of space.

    Thanks in advance

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    I also forgot to mention that i am confident in working on the ski. I have rebuilt car and truck engines, redone small engines, etc... i am new to the PWC world and im certain that with the knowledge that you guys have on these things i will be able to have some fun ski's.

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    anyone have some thoughts on the questions that were asked?

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    Check the compression on both motors. Should be 145-155. Look at the impeller for nicks. Check clearance on wear ring. Check condition of spark plugs. Clean RAVE valves. Check fuel filter and fuel selector for dirt. Grease zerk on jet drive. Check condition of motor mounts. When was the last time jet pump oil was changed? For good measure, clip 1/4 of of spark plug wires. Do a WOT plug chop for 30 seconds and look at plugs. Should be chocolate brown.

    This should be a good start.

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    thanks. ill have to look those things up and see if i can find some "how to's" on them. I also have no clue when the last time that the jet pump oil was changed.

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    How does the previous owner know the hours?

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    he logged them. He was a retired sail boat operator and lived on a lake. he logged the hours on all of his stuff.

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    Does anyone know what the cause of my high idle might be on the XPL?

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    you can try adjusting the idle on the carbs. Download the shop manual from here. It will tell you how. Get it down to 3k on the trailor

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    I downloaded the manuals last night..

    I think the problem with adjusting the idle is that after warm up.. it would cause the idle to be too low. I guess ill just have to play around.

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