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    WTT 2008 Roketa Jamaica 150cc scooter 80MPG! stand-up?


    This scooter has only 200 miles on it and is a 2008 model. I purchased it this summer to save me money on gas when running errands. I used it around town to go to the gym, post office, supermarket, you name it! If you do not need the hwy to get to work, this can save you a fortune.

    It will do 55mph and keep up with traffic easily. This is NOT a tiny 50cc scooter/moped and you will not look like a tool riding it. Im 6'2 and 200lbs and I was perfectly comfortable on it. The fuel tank has a 1.5 gallon capacity. You can fill up on $6-7 and get a consistent 80MPG.
    Roketa is one of the worlds largest scooter manufacturers [in case you arent familiar].

    My reason for selling is that I also have a motorcycle (riding this made me want another bike... so I ended up buying one) and now it seems pointless to keep both. I figured with todays high cost of gasoline this would be a hot item.

    Im mainly looking for an older XP/SPX or a stand-up but will consider any interesting trade offers.

    this is a picture of the scooter. I have the rear trunk but it is not installed.

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    Note- there is a minor scratch on the underside of the scooter (only visible if you squat down and look) from where I rubbed against a rock terrance on the edge of my patio. Other than that, the scooter is what you would expect for having only 200 miles. I will include a cover and lock along with the trunk.

    lets hear some offers.

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    Does it have the poosie magnet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthAWM View Post
    Does it have the poosie magnet?
    Thats automatic. Women will be drawn to your 80mpg. Not to mention you can easily ride a passenger on it.

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