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    2001 Gp1200r -- $3600

    Ok here she is, almost stock with only 57 hours on the clock. Its been very well taken care of and always flushed and washed after use. The engine bay is beautiful, no buildup or grease everywhere. Heres whats done..

    waveater powervalve couplers and retainers
    holeshot kit
    pump plug kit
    d-plate and chip
    free flow exhaust
    premix and primer installed
    500gph rule auto bilge
    hydroturf mats

    Comes with a blue Yamaha fitted cover that looks brand new..

    I'll sell a trailer to put it on for $200 more. Its not the nicest thing I've ever seen but I'd like to sell just the ski if I could anyway. Ski is located in Salisbury, MD but I dont mind driving a little ways to drop off or meet someone. I'll include a homemade stand to put it on as well(not the one pictured)

    [email protected]
    Call me anytime

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    Bump for clean ski. What does she run on gps?

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    Ran 70+ with this setup....

    But it was also setup to run in the chop not flat water. There was plenty of room for improvement without spending more money but I was having too much fun riding to do any playin around.

    Havent run it on the gps with everything removed but Im hopin to ride a little this weekend if the weathers nice.

    Noone seemed to want a modded ski so Im selling off some of the parts and using the others on my XLT...

    Which reminds me.... Im gonna try and hold off on selling the parts incase whoever buys the ski wants to purchase some of them and I'll cut em a deal for gettin the ski.. Heres what I have.....

    Island Racing Level 1 R&D rideplate
    R&D 1200 intake grate
    R&D 800 intake grate
    R&D old style extended trim tabs
    Island Racing jet kit with accelerater pump block off(unused)
    billet flame arrestor adapters

    Thanks for the bump!

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    May be interested in a trade for Jeep TJ hardtop or a standup jet ski plus cash

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    is this ski still available?

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    Yes it is

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    Interested in a mint, modded 06 Raptor 700R with lots of extras?
    Not even 3 full tanks of fuel thru it.

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    Possibly....send me some pics, specs, and an offer

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    PM incoming

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    i wish i was in the market right now i'd pick this thing up in a heartbeat but i wont be looking until april if you still have it then i'll scoop it up

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