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    Impeller, intake grate, ride plate?

    I have a SLX 1200, can you guide me to the best parts for my ski? impeller,intake grate & ride plate. the ski is stock. thanks

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    Hi Kyle, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    This is a very subjective topic but the consensus on the intake grate seems to be the R&D for the Polaris 650. It's not overly aggressive but still allows the hull to "stick" to the water and keep the pump loaded.
    The ride plate is really going to depend on the type of riding you have in mind. Do you want to loosen the hull up for top speed or push the nose down for handling? Are you looking at lake riding or ocean etc.
    The impeller is going to be sort of the same thing. Top speed or a blistering hole shot? Looking for more mid range and are you going to perform some more mods to the boat?
    You really need to point us in a direction to help you out some more.
    I hope one of the other guys can point you to the section where guys/gals have modded their boats. You can take a peak through there and see what others have done and the results yielded.
    Good Luck!!

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