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Thread: '04 vs '07 15F

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    '04 vs '07 15F

    What are the differences between the model years? Did they up the HP? Trying to decide between '04 with 15hrs or buying a new ski.


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    No hp change, but some improvement/change on cams, ecu mapping, oil pump system, sponsons, double seat vs single, 2-mode ridings (full and slo), etc. Any 15F is the best bang for the buck.

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    However be aware, that for 2009, Kawasaki offers a stripped down version of the 15f for an even lower price than last year. OK so it doesn't have mirrors or a bording step. So what!!!!!! I've never used either one. Sooooo for me that means that a new stripped 09 should go for around 7000. Now that's for a brand new 61 to 62 mph. ski that gets decent miliage using 87 gas and has a warrenty. Can't do much better then that used.

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    yeah and the stripped down verson has no reverse and just a few pounds lighter. There is lots of play in that one. Looked one over at the dealership yesterday .... exhaust system is set up different as is the air box. Hoping to test ride one monday... will let yall know if it happens.. hoping the boss won't be around lol

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