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    winterizing the X??

    Got like 30 hours on her, i rode her in salt and i was wonderin what u guys suggest for winterizing, im thinkin i will get a good coat of wax on the ski top and bottom right?? and iam asssuming that i can buff those marks off the bottom from the floating gas docks, thay are really annoying!! thanks

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    yo man. I am in the same boat. (No Pun). I was reading about blowing out all of the water out of the I/C and running antifreeze through the clean out exhaust. Do a search and the directions are on here somewhere.

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    Go to 2nd page of Seadoo HOW TO,s section- 3rd post down 2nd page- Open and Print PDF File and your all set!!

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    Or just follow what your user manual says........

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    Or Just Move To Hawaii!!\\:d/

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    Quote Originally Posted by STSPERFORMANCE View Post
    Or Just Move To Hawaii!!\\:d/
    Or here in Florida... I don't winterize shit

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