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    How to winterize....

    OK so i know everyone has there own methods, but just wondering if someone can post something on how to winterize a 1996 slt 780, i know about fuel stabilizer and fogging the engine, but how do i get the antifreeze in the system to make sure the water doesnt crack the engine


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    Have you searched on here for previous threads on winterizing, or winterize?

    There are several threads that cover the subject fairly well.

    You don't need antifreeze, as long as you tip the nose of the trailer up high to allow all the water to drain out, and rev the engine in bursts just enough to blow most of the waterbox water out.

    The only exception might be the 1992-1993 Fuji engines, which retained water in the crank case cooling. Later years don't have any water down there.

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    I have a 96SLT 780.

    Start it, give it a few revs and shut it down. The system is self draining. No need for antifreeze.

    Put a little stable in the tank.

    Fog the motor. Start it with the filter off and choke the motor on the fogging oil (you will be spraying the oil down the carbs). The motor will choke on itself.

    Disconnect the spark plug wires and loosen the spark plugs. Pour one table spoon of oil down each cylinder. Put the plugs back in finger tight. Crank the starter to lube the cylinders.

    Grease the shaft (down by the battery)

    Take battery out (or a battery tender if you want)

    Wash and wax your baby! Cover it and store it in a nice warm place

    I'm sure there are other opinions but this is the way I have been doing it since I bought the boat new in 96'. I hope this helps.

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