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    Need advice on purchasing rotating assemblies

    long story short is I bought a 00 gp1200r with 48.5 hours rode it for 1 hour and damaged a piston, crank and cylinder.

    I would like to fix the motor and get some more hp. Maybe go .30 over. Who sells good kits without breaking the bank?

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    Welcome to Greenhulk.

    Well lets hope you didn't ruin a cylinder, piston, and crank. If so your looking at some serious money to fix this ski.

    There are plenty of ways to add some HP, reliability, and improve this ski.

    Now, how do you know it has all these problems?
    Did you check compression? Are any cylinders good?
    Any water damage inside motor?

    What is the history of the ski, ever sank, ever ingest water?

    These guys on Greenhulk are the best, so you have come to the right place.

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    Thanks Mike!

    I was riding the ski the first day and put on 1 hour. At the end of that hour engine became LOUD and wasnt running well. I took it home and removed the plugs. Number 2 plug had the gap closed. I put the plugs in that morning. I removed the head. Number 2 cylinder is scraped lightly and will need to be fixed or replaced. Piston has nicks taken out. It appears the rod bearing went out and caused this problem. engine is premix and appears to not have taken any water.

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    Also the other 2 cyl and pistons look perfect. If I have to tear down the whole engine and replace the crank I figure I might as well upgrade.

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    i have used 1200 r crank and cylinder/piston
    new or used oem heads
    used aftermarket head
    almost all the gaskets you will need new

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    Thanks Jason. Let me know a price

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