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    Question 1995 HX Propulsion problems

    took the HX out the other day it was really winday and choppy, was getting ready to head back to the dock but couldn't resist going over one last wake from a pretty big boat, i landed pretty hard...anyways the problem i'm experiencing: when i landed i went to give it some throttle the engine revved like usual, however i didnt go any where. i heard a sound similar to a fan belt in a car when it gets wet, a squeel sorta. i jumped off the ski started it back up, it start fine and did'nt make the squeel this time, i noticed that when the engine was idling there was only a little bit of water pressure coming out of the nozzle, so i revved it up and the pressure didn't not changed it almost like there was no water pressure at all. i got it to the shore opened the back hatch started it up and saw the driveshaft spinning, but still no water out of the nozzle
    ok so i was finally able to take a look at my ski. the first thing inspected was the motor mounts they showed no signs of cracking or moving, also gave the engine a good shake to see if it moved irregularly and it was fine. next i took a peek through the intake grate, there was nothing lodged, jammed, or stuck in there or the impeller, while under the ski i checked the clearance of the impeller and wear ring, it was well under 1 millimeter clearance (if i remember correctly like .011-.012) there was no damage to the wear ring or impeller. next i removed the protective shroud over the drive shaft were it couples to the engine (PTO side of engine) i didn't notice anything irregular i grabbed the PTO fly wheel and with some force was able to rotate it and the impeller and shaft rotated with it. i then removed the jet pump to check the splines on the shaft and inside the impeller. the condition of the splines was hard to determine because i am not sure what good splines look like. i didn't notice any major rounding of the splines on both shaft and/or the impeller, if i were to guess it would appear to be just usual wear and tear. with the jet pump removed i tugged on the drive shaft to make sure it wasn't loose, it did move a little but from what the manual states it's supposed to be movable to permit removal of the shaft. so far i'm stuck and am not sure what to do check for, or do next? any help is greatly appreciated.

    o yeah i also emptied the jet pump oil from the nose cone because i need to change it before i put the ski away for winter, any one have any suggestions on getting the nasty stench from the oil off of my hands, hahahahahha

    well i finally finished pulling out the 2 main drive shafts out of my 1995 HX. inspected the splines on both shafts and couldn't find anything unusual with the splines. the only splines that were hard to check were the ones that are mounted directly to the PTO flywheel shaft itself, the only way i was able to do this was by feeling them and using a mirror but i didn't see anything out of the ordinary. then i took another look at my jet pump, if i remember correctly when i took it off yesterday the impeller was easy to spin, but today it was hard to spin? yesterday i drained the oil out of the nose cone does the lack of oil make it hard to spin? once again i'm stuck and not sure what to check next thanks for the help

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    there bad about trashing drive shaft on early hx's
    time for update OR just replace

    later cd with 97 hx

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