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    wakeing up gp800r

    looking to wake up the misses gp800r,at the moment it has inlet grate,ride plate,stepped sponsons,11/14 solas,new wearing ring,sealed pump,and wave eaters,looking into another head to send off to up the compression,vf3,timing key,and jetworks mod,has anyone used a timing key on a 800 before,are they compatable,and can jetworks mod be done on 800s,would of bought bb kit from dhoad but has fresh rebuild including cylinder rechroming ,any input would be great,p.s i dont want any sell it and buy a 1200/1300 as i already have 2 and if i new she was going to get so into it so much i would of,i just want to wake it up a bit

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    yup, I have the timing key in my ski and love it. really brought it to life!
    the VF3s will help also

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