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    What caused this?

    I just bought a project ski, 2000 xl1200. The second cylinder and crank are trashed. The previous owner thinks the carb was rebuilt improperly, possibly causing lean conditions. I checked the oil lines, PV, and no luck. It looks as if a needle bearing from the rod may have been released into the engine after a misfire. I am new to skiis so if someone that has rebuilt this motor before can see from the damage what most likely caused it, I would appriciate the help.

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    worn rings, lost compression, slopped about and nipped up.
    was run after nipping up and the began to self destruct

    this is my guess only, I'm not a mechanic

    did the owner say how many hours on the engine?

    or how many hours since the carb was done, and was it one or three carbs?

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    Not sure of the hours. All three carbs were rebuilt. I am going to replace the crank, cylinder, and piston, but I want to know what caused this so it doesn't happen again.

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