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    How much for a 99 ultra 150 in the off season?

    I have been looking for a ultra 150 for bout a month and all the ones i fine are usually in the mid 3g range. I have found one for 2800 that has 120 hrs. Is this a good deal or will there be better ones if i just wait. Its all stock and looks to be in great shape. Im slowly crossing into the Kawasaki world from yamaha....

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    I think about $2500 is the bottom on anything decent. Most stay around $3000.

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    $2800 bucks for a decent one isn't a bad start. If you can talk him down 100-200, then I'd say thats a pretty decent deal, what year is the ski?

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    Make sure you do a compression test on it before you buy it. At that price don't take someone's word on "it runs great".

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamatech View Post
    Make sure you do a compression test on it before you buy it. At that price don't take someone's word on "it runs great".
    I paid $2500 for mine it was supposed to be running strong. I ended having to replace a piston and a cylnder so it came out to $500 more the expected so be carefull.

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    I wouldn't sell mine for twice that! If it's in good shape, go for it.

    Make sure you test drive it ON THE WATER!!! Compression test, too!

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