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    Adopt a Serving Member of our Armed Forces

    A nice thing to do for another person, I encourage you to get involved, and show care and concern for others.

    This isn't about politics, its about 'people'.

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    Please Join K38 Water Safety as we participate in the Adopt a Marine Program. We encourage you to send items listed below and requested from SgtMaj Timothy King on behalf of the USMC Corps Marines and Sailors. There are links below to help guide you in supporting this great program. Thanks in advance and share this announcement with your friends!

    SgtMaj Timothy King
    Attn: Any Marine
    UNIT: 41066
    FPO AP 96426-1066

    (Use address exactly as shown.)
    Here is the list of items needed for this request. The Marines and Sailors will be expected to leave Iraq on April 15, 2009. This unit is from California, however the participants are from all over the country. There are 100 Males and 5 Females in this unit. You may feel inclined just to send support and not 'stuff', letters from you or your children, church or school would be greatly appreciated!

    Phone Cards are the #1 most requested item. For females it is personal hygiene products and shampoo.

    Items requested: Chewing gum, beef Jerky, health bars, vitamins, razors, shaving cream, foot powder, long black or dark colored socks, drink mix such as Gatorade, chap stick, lotion, toothpaste, tooth brush, body wash, body spray, hand sanitizer, heating elements, mouthwash, eye drops, reading materials (books and magazines)

    If your package is for a female soldier be sure to change the 'ATTN' line to "ATTN: Any Female Doldier"

    Phone Cards can be purchased here:

    Pre Paid Calling Cards
    Do not expect or require a reply from a solider or marine. Do not participate if you are expecting a response or reply. Do not send money. This is for moral support.

    Before you SEND your package, please check on this link and verify the address in case of any changes:

    Our Sponsored Marine contact Marine box on the left side is listed on :
    27 Sep King, SgtMaj Timothy

    Here is the link for information about sending items:

    OR, if you want to make a donation, click onto this link:

    (1.): Note that postage to APO AE and FPO AE (E = Europe) is only to NY where the connection to the APO/FPO (APO = Army Post Office)(FPO = Fleet Post Office) is, or to San Francisco for APO AP and FPO AP (P = Pacific), so you don't pay postage all the way to Iraq/Afghanistan. You might consider picking contacts closer to your mailing area to help cut the cost of mailing. If you live on the East Coast, pick "AE", West Coast, pick "AP", Midwest, well...uh, Thank You for your Support!

    New with us (December 2005) you might notice "APO AA" and "FPO AA". This is for units in the Caribbean/South America. Normally. However, due to the nature of some units they may be in Iraq but have an address showing "FPO AA". Mail addresses to "AA" goes out of Miami, Florida.
    (2.): Why are military addresses weird? There isn't a street address or city. What gives? Correct, just about everything about the military is weird to civilians. Military units are very mobile, during war they move around a lot, often they become part of even another unit. The APO (Army Post Office) and FPO (Fleet Post Office) assign APO and FPO numbers as needed, they are NOT static. An APO number may be for a large unit, or a location. An APO number for Baghdad today may be for Frankfurt tomorrow.

    (3.): The "Expected to leave" date is only an approximate and is one of the least reliable things on this web site. It is because of this that you must check often before you send anythin to this unit. There are a few reasons this date is not reliable, to include: it IS a war, it IS the military, we ARE dealing with the APO. The only thing that does not change in the military is that things will change. PLEASE NOTE that a soldier will be dropped off our active list 30 days PRIOR to their end date to avoid mail bouncing.

    (4.): This is an approximate location. Due to safety and security concerns may not be their exact location
    (5.): The lines, "Contact with approx number of soldiers:" and "Approx how may female soldiers:" have NOTHING to do with unit strength. They are approximately how many other soldiers the contacts believe they can get packages to. This helps you understand that you should not send 100 packages to someone who only deals with 10 soldiers.

    Don't forget that if your package is for a female soldier, be sure to change "ATTN: Any Soldier" to "ATTN: Any Female Soldier".

    (6.): This is simply where the unit this contact is from. This is NOT a true picture of the folks in the unit as most all units are made up of folks from all over the United States.) A "Composite Unit" is one made up of other units and is usually temporary for a particular mission.
    (7.): Updated APO/FPO mailing restrictions courtesy of (Note: About Restriction "U2": "U2 - Limited to First Class Letters", Box "R" is for retired personnel that live overseas and are still authorized an APO/FPO box. Their address will be something like Box 3345R. Doubt you will see anything like that in Afghanistan or Iraq or ...)
    Things not to send:
    Illegal copies of anything. Period.
    Flea Collars
    See this.
    Home-cooked anything.
    Note: Due to concerns for the health and safety of the Soldiers, and as much as we don't want to say this, please do not send home-cooked anything to Soldiers other then to your relatives or people who know you. Factory packaged only. Sorry. The Soldiers are told to throw away anything that is not in a factory package.
    Especially during the holidays. Send SMALL boxes (say under 10 pounds) and no more than 3 to any single address in the same day. Don't be part of the log jam, be part of the solution. PLEASE read this.

    "As you might know, on occasion the Iraqi's have no problem supplying movie DVD's at a fraction of the cost back home. What you are not aware of is the fact that those movies are stolen off the bases and sold back to the soldiers. I recommend that when you supply that information to those who send packages and to the soldiers/Marines whom apply for items to be sent in, that they mark the movies to prevent unscrupulous individuals from benefiting from the unwary." Colonel, USMC.
    We strongly suggest that if you send any CDs or DVDs, use a permanent magic marker and simply put "" on both the cover and CD/DVD. It won't take long before these won't be a target anymore... -Marty
    Remember the many women Soldiers there! If your package is intended for a woman, be sure to address the package, "Attn: Any Female Soldier".
    T-Shirts must be Brown for Army (Tan for the new digital uniform, the 'ACU') and Navy, Green for Marines, Sand for Air Force. If the troops ask for t-shirts but don't specify the color, write to them before you send any and ask them.
    Marine boot socks are black. White athletic socks for PT and sometimes under the boot socks. Scarves are not authorized unless issued, but this is normally 'command discretion'. Beanie caps are not issued but are often worn under a helmet at night, must be dark color.
    The Air Force in deployed locations no longer wears BDUs.
    It is now the ABUs with Sand color T-shirts (Much like the Army)
    And the socks are the dark green socks the Army uses.
    We still use the DCUs also for a few more months/years from now.
    We are still authorized BDUs out of the AOR tho. (Info from SrA Sterne, thanks!!)
    14 April 2006: Hot note: Popular clothing off-limits to Marines in Iraq

    ALL items which contain liquids and pastes (even in cans), put in a zip-lock bag, and a second one up-side-down from the first one. If an item can leak, it will.

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    We have also adopted this unit, please join us in supporting these men:

    Please support us in sponsoring Capt. Ryan C. Stewarts Marines

    - U. S. Marines -
    Capt Ryan C. Stewart
    Attn: Any Marine
    1st LAR H&S Company
    Unit 40595
    FPO AP 96426-0595
    (Use address exactly as shown.)
    APO/FPO: FPO AP (1*)
    Added here: 26 September 2008
    Expected to leave Iraq: 01 Apr 2009 (3*)
    Where in Country: (Removed for OPSEC reasons) (4*)
    Contact for approx number of Males: 25, Females: 0 (5*)
    Unit is from: California (6*)
    Restrictions to this address: Here (7*)

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    They would also appreciate air fresheners and cigarettes,cigars, chewing tobacco. Magazines, Maxim, Men's Health, fitness, nail clippers, stationary sets, deoderant, crossword puzzles, books, baby wipes, sunflower seeds, ground gourmet coffee.

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    Royal is an amazing human being, I had great times training with him at the Amphb base in Coronado with the USMC Raiders and Recon.....

    Custom chopper is mobile memorial for veterans

    6/13/2008 By Cpl. Robert Beaver, Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego
    MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO — A former depot Marine has found a new way to honor his brothers in arms instead of only extending his thanks or by buying them drinks. Retired Staff Sgt. Jerry Royal, from Myrtle Beach, S.C., has built a custom chopper in dedication of Marines who served in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom.
    “I wanted to make this bike in honor of Marines, especially the ones in Iraq,” said Royal. “They have fought and died for us and some have come back wounded. I think we should honor them.”
    The finished chopper was put on public display for the first time at James L. Day Hall here during the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon nearly two weeks ago. The display also features facts and photos about the tactical use of motorcycles throughout Marine Corps history.
    “The visitors for the marathon loved the bike,” said Barbara McCurtis, director of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego Museum and Historical Society. “It’s a really good thing for Royal to do. People always talk about how to honor the vets when Royal used his own time and money to give back to the Marines.”
    Royal started the project nearly two years before he retired from the Marine Corps as the substance abuse specialist for Headquarters and Service Battalion.
    With nearly $14,000 of his own money and with the support from 19 sponsors, Royal was able to complete the chopper, his fourth custom-built bike, after three years.
    Capable of reaching speeds above 60 miles per hour, the chopper is equipped with several features that give it a unique look.
    Royal shortened a Marine noncommissioned officer’s sword and used it as the chopper’s shifter. He also welded two .50 caliber machine gun barrels together to create the handle bars.
    The side mirror is fixed to two anti aircraft gun sights and the seat is fitted with a desert camouflage pattern with an Operation Iraqi Freedom patch.
    A string of gutted 7.62 mm bullets wrap around the fender and the bike rests on an M16A2 service rifle barrel made into the kickstand. The engine’s belt reads Royal Choppers and the cherry apple colored paint job gives the chopper a bright glow.
    “It was the first thing that caught my eye when I walked into the room,” said former Marine Tim Votaw, who served with 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment in Vietnam and member of the Leatherneck Motorcycle Club. “The features are (good) and it has a good theme. Being a tribute bike, it means a lot to most of us who served.”
    The memorial bike will remain in the museum until August. From there, Royal plans to take the bike on a road tour to other Marine Corps installations to create awareness for OIF veterans.

    MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO-Marines touring the James L. Day Hall take a peek at retired Staff Sgt. Jerry Royal’s Operation Iraqi Freedom
    tribute bike, June 6. Royal, a native of Myrtle Beach, S.C., built the custom chopper using his own time, money
    and support from sponsors., Cpl. Robert Beaver, 6/6/2008 9:05 AM

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    This program is going to be my families Christmas.

    Instead of gifts to one another, we are supporting our troops.
    I went to Costco today and started the preparations.

    We are really excited about this program, my four year old is making heart shapes and cards, working in a frenzy. Her bedroom is a wreck already!

    I'm going to put a few AWA RIDE magazines in the 'any marine' boxes.

    Helping others is a good way tol live life, something Americans are truly remarkable about doing. I hope you will join us.

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    Use the Flat-Rate boxes because those will only cost you $10.95 per box to send.

    BTW-you don't need your Soldier's phone number. You're good to go without it.


    BTW One of the major complaints is the smell in Iraq, air fresheners are constantly in demand.


    Welcome! Are you planning to send a Care Package? Here are some things you need to know!

    1) Go to the Post Office, or USPS.COM. You want to get Customs Forms and Large Flat-Rate Boxes or Large APO/FPO Flat-Rate Military Boxes. You can also call 1-800-ASK-USPS to get them.

    They are FREE-and USPS can even send them to your house! It only costs to ship them to the Soldiers. If you get the Large boxes it will cost $10.95 per box to ship. The Large Box is only 12x12x5 so, you'll think it's the Small. The smaller boxes are also available but man, are they SMALL! They will cost $9.80 to ship. You REALLY don't want to use your own box because the postage will be SO EXPENSIVE!!

    2) Fill the box and have a great time doing it. Please remember no pork products, no bulk religious items (1 is ok but, let's not offend our Soldiers), and no aerosol spray item. Double bag all liquid and strong smelling items such as mints/gum.

    3) Fill out the Customs Form. It is also called PS Form 2976-A or Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note-CP 72.

    From is from YOU.

    To is to your Soldier.

    Detailed description(1)? You can keep it simple such as: toiletries, snacks, candy, magazines to discourage theft.

    Qty (2) you can leave blank.

    Net Weight (3) you can leave blank-the post office clerk fills that out.

    Gross Weight (4) you can leave blank-the post office clerk fills that out, too.

    Value (US $) (5) PLEASE do NOT put more than a $20 amount to discourage theft.

    Total Value U.S. $ (6) leave blank

    HS Tariff Number (7) leave blank

    Country of Origin of Goods ( leave blank

    Total Postage and Fees (9) leave blank

    Check One (10) mark Airmail/Priority

    Check One (11) mark Gift

    Comments (12) leave blank

    License Number(s) (13) leave blank

    Certificate Number (14) leave blank

    Invoice Number (15) leave blank

    Date and Sender's Signature (16) PLEASE sign here and put the date you are sending the Care Package

    Sender's Instructions in Case of Nondelivery (17)***PLEASE****mark the last box-Redirect to Address Below: and put "Local Chaplain, Same Address" This way, if your Package is not able to be delivered for whatever reason, a Chaplain will 1) be able to give it to a Soldier in need and 2)hopefully, let you know what happened to your Soldier-he moved, was injured or worse.

    4) Go to the Post Office, wait in line and pay the flat-rate fee.

    5) Repeat as necessary!

    I was told the customs form envelope that they attach to the box is actually supposed to go in the LOWER LEFT SIDE of the box. Set the return label at the very top, this way in using that left side for the customs envelope, it won't be covered.


    Do not send pork items to Iraq or Afghanistan, pornography, alcohol or aerosol cannisters, anything 'hazmat'. Click on this link for more information:

    ______________________ This link takes you to the Multi Nation force and has newsupdates on what this deployment is all about.

    This one references 'global security':

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