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    WTB Riva or Rude Thru hull exhaust tip

    Like the title says, I need one for my new Gibson exhaust. LMK if you have one. I figured Id post before buying one in the online store.

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    Ive got a riva tip that is on my rxp that i will be removing and installing a rude tip next week.

    If you are insterested in one that is used let me know. When there used there covered in nasty black exhaust residue. I have not ever tried to clean it up as it always would look that way.

    I an changing tips because i bought a rude tip and made a presonel mod to it to make my headers and mufler fit like a glove.

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    if its cheap, i dont care. if i buy new, it will only turn black anyhow.

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    How is 50 bucks shipped.
    That would include Riva black thru hull tip, 4 new bolts, rubber gasket, plastic block off for stock exit, and the metal retainer for thru hull.

    The only thing is if my riva (black) retainer ring is siliconed too good to inside of hull, I would prefer to leave it attached to inside of hull and send you the new rude (silver) retainer.
    The only way you see the retainer is from inside of ski. It is possible that the silicone is not that "stuck" but i cant remember what i used. IF i used permetex (right stuff) i prefer to leave on and just change the thru hull fitting. That stuff works like nothing else and can be a pita to unsecure.

    The bolt hole pattern on both riva and rude are the same so the retainer will work interchangeable. I would send new screws from rude setup up so there would not be any problem with bolt threads, as i think doesnt matter as i believe bolt size and threads are the same anyway.

    Just let me know, i can have it off late sunday and send on Monday.

    thanks steven

    by the way, all has been fresh water and i keep my skis in heated gaurge, so no weathering on tip.

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    Sold. Ill paypal you by the weekend

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