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Thread: Cooling issue

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    Cooling issue


    AS you know, I pulled the water rail and installed triple pissers out the rear of the ski. (go ahead Say I told you so here)

    I was out on the lake and must of sucked something up. Next thing I know, ski is running badly and went straight to the shore. I noticed that the cooling lines form MAg and Center were bubbling, but not flowing. Pulled the seat and Center was hot, and plug wire was loose (little barrel on top had worked loose)

    The MAG however was SBT hot. Infact it was discolored and would instantly sizzle water that was dropped on it.

    I let the engine cool for a bit, and decided that the Mag was trashed anyway, so I chose to ride it back to the ramp (2 miles).

    I was able to get the barrel out of the spark plug boot, but dropped it into the hull. At this point I decided that since mag was gone, I pulled the barrel of the top of that plug and let the plug wire for the mag just sit on top of mag plug.

    I reset the plug wires on all cylinders and started the ski. Ran pretty well, but sluggish. I never took it over 15mph, just made it back to the ramp. About 1 minute after restarting, I notice the center cylinder cooling was full pressure again and about 1 min after that the Mag line was at least flowing again.

    Made it back to the ramp and loaded up for the ride home.

    Pulled the cooling lines and found a piece of smegma in the Adapters that FLJOYRIDER made for me.

    Pulled all the heads to survey the damage. Nothing. All look good. Other than no wash on Mag. Oily and silver. I think running it without spark washed the cylinder crown off.

    Good compression on all three, 135,135,128 on Mag
    I think I got really lucky.

    So I need a recommendation as to where to put the new cooling pissers. Rear is bad idea,

    Can some folks post pics of where they located theirs?


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    Another note:I think what happened is that when Mag got hot from lack of flow, it super heated the water that was flowing. This overheated the cooling tubing and it crimped.

    So I need suggestions for cooling lines as well

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    Glad you got lucky.
    I got mine on both skis ahead of the left footwell. I can see it and also feel when I'm warmed up the engine when cold.
    For lines the reinforced clear with the white fibers you can see in it,or some regular black fuel line.
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    What he said ^^^^^^^

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    you might also consider a strainer if you ride thyu a lot of "smegma" !

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