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    FS: Verizon LG Dare VX9700 Touch Screen Phone

    I am selling my slightly used less than 1 month LG Dare for Verizon. It is the newest Touch screen for Verizon Wireless. It comes with everything that came when I bought it. I have the original box, CD, and all the booklets. It also has a 4GB sandisk memory card included. I am asking $275 for this because you don't need a contract, look on Ebay they are going for $300 and up easily.

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    why are you selling? i have seen this phone at a verizon kiosk and looks pretty good. plus isn't that phone $300 with a 2 year contract?

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    Maxmike, the only reason I am selling the phone is because my work just gave me a blackberry to use, so it is getting to be a pain to carry both phones. This phone is a great phone and has alot of features. It is worth the price.I have only used it for about a month.

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