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Thread: 701 project....

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    701 project....

    Hey just thought I would post up my latest project. I got a superjet jet and want more lowend torque so the other day I found a bored and ported 61 x cylinder (to 85mm) yeah i know kinda thin but its been run about 10 hours with no problems.

    Thanks to a board member for hooking me up with a 760 head I can now assemble. My short term plan is to put it together and put some hours on it and see how I like it and test it out, see if the jetting specs are on (150 main 130 low) with a b pipe limited chamber.

    If I like the power and snap from it I plan to tear down the motor knock the sleeves out and install true big bore sleeves (84.5 stock bore) and reassemble with new seals, and rebuid the carb and new reeds. I found big bore sleeves with a freestyle port for 75 a hole plus shipping

    Currently i am running a stock 61x motor with a stock head and a B pipe no other engine modifications, compression is 145 145

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    If anyones interested the guy I picked up the sleeves from has 7 more sets of True bb sleeves with instructions to install. They have three different port layouts depending on what you are looking for, low end torque, mid, and top end. This would be a good way to up the hp on that stock 701 motor you running, If this turns out good we may do it to the waveblaster with the 62t motor.

    They are made by engine tech, I was told they are identical or really close to what riva has.

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    Alright sleeves coming in next week sometime....anyone on the board able to press these sleeves in? I was told they are slightly bigger then whats in there now and will have to be bored alittle to make them slid in... I have a friend back home if I want to wait for a couple months..

    I found a set of 61x cases for cheap local so I picked them up, dunno If I will use them or go a different direction, I have done some reading that recommends dual 44's for what i am doing, including the guy I bought the sleeves from. I like single carbs due to the simplicity of tuneing but I have ridden a 760 waveblaster that hit like a ton of bricks and it was stock... Any thoughts between a single 44 or 46 or even a 48 or dual 44's.

    My buddy has a ported 701 single carb motor that hits almost as hard as a stock 08 701 dual carb motor...

    Also looking to go with a girlded ada head and get compression to about 180

    I know most of yall are sitdown riders but this is just a motor.. and I to own a couple sitdowns I just happen to like this one better, dont be shy I dont bite hard at least thats what the wife says.

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    So you basically now have a 760 motor. I wish I had a way to bore/stroke the 760 to bring it up over 800 or so. Good luck on that, right?

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    kinda, right now its a 771.... with the new sleeves it will be back to 760, ported with a high compression head crammed into a standup jetski

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBXJeepGuy View Post
    So you basically now have a 760 motor. I wish I had a way to bore/stroke the 760 to bring it up over 800 or so. Good luck on that, right?

    Would be easier to stuff a 800 pv motor into it.. or just the regular 800 motor in it so you dont have to worry about the pv's

    I had thought about it and there is an 800 motor for sale on ebay right now, they said the power gain on it for a superjet is not worth it vs just doing the big bore but in the gp 760 case I bet it would work great since you have alot more room. with a good pipe and an 800 motor your looking at some pretty decent gains...

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    what regular 800?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMANN View Post
    what regular 800?

    Non pv, think it was in the xlt 800...possibly xl I dont pay attention much, just see the motors occasionally

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    Well if u see a link or something send it my way! I have never heard of or seen a non pv 800?? Keep updating this thread! I am still getting my parts together for a 760 but after running my triple carbed 44's this week I am thinking of sticking with the 2 38's for this instead of 2 44's those 44's were stupid thirsty

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    I did some hmwk on the 800 motors and I guess they are all pv, I thought the xl 800 were a non pv motor but i guess all 800 are pv motors, Its still not that bad all you need is the control box that works the pvs. and a ebox

    The only non pv motor is the one you make I think the biggest you can go with the sleeves I got is 86.5... I am not sure what that comes out to in cc but the other choice is got to a stroked motor which could run in mid to upper thousands from what I have read. Crank is just over a grand and the custom cylinders are about 2400 with a head and I think the gp 760 cases will work with some porting. Then tach on another grand for some kick ass carbs or fuel injection and your good to go

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