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    pwc electrical fire

    One of my PWC's is a 1994 Polaris 750 3-seater. About 2 years ago.. a few of us were out riding for a few hours. When we packed up and were finishing strapping everything down we noticed that the body of the PWC was hot ass all hell. Popped off the seat and tons and tons of smoke came pouring out of it. We got the fire out in the parking lot and found little damange done to the inside of the boat. Well, except for a completely trashed main wiring harness for the entire boat.. We talked to a Polaris tech, he said that it was actually a common problem on the 750's for that year. The electronics box contacts the battery and melts the whole harness. We finally just finished up our bigger project. Our 2 story garage, 2 1/2 cars wide, 2 deep with an upstairs living area. So we decided to fix it this winter since we have our 'shop' area now.

    But I suppose the short of this is, how many of you guys ran into a problem like this with your ski?


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    Never heard of it before. Most batterys have the post lower then the top of the plastic on it.Plus there should be rubber covers on the battery cables covering the positive. So I would think it was sorta of a freak thing that happen.

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    I could see this happening very easially. Top terminals with a metal electrical box is asking for trouble. If it came with those rubber insolators and platic separator from the factory, there is no guraantee that its still there 15 years later.

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    Fire is uncommon, but a melted main harness seems to be an issue occaisionally. Like Dan said, there should be rubber boots over the battery terminals along with the plastic cover between the battery and elec box.

    Double check the ground wire connections, that seems to be the common cause of the failure. Corrosion, loose, or faulty connections. Also check the tightness of the screws inside the elec box. They ground the regulator.

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    Arrow Battery short to electrical box will burn stator wiring harness.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jermany04 View Post
    ...completely trashed main wiring harness...
    The electronics box contacts the battery and melts the whole harness...
    What exactly was burned?

    If the plastic cover for the battery was missing, and the battery positive post touches the metal shell of the electrical box, it will short circuit through the black wire in the harness bundle that connects to the electrical stator at the front of the engine.

    That black wire will get very hot, and melt the insulation of the adjacent wires. Eventually the wire burns out from the heat.

    That plastic battery cover is not optional - it needs to be in place.

    Depending on the extend of the damage, you may need to replace the stator (which has the harness included), or you may be able to replace the damaged wires and reuse the stator.

    When you have it repaired, replace the battery with a good quality new battery, preferably a sealed AGM type, like a Deka ETX16L AGM battery. A reliable battery is a good thing on a PWC.

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    I've seen this short just today

    picked up a 750 Sl today ( long story, but I was in it for the trailer mostly) and while getting hot battery into it to see where it was ( sans cover) I shorted the hot terminal to a bolt on the electric box, I heard the sparking and pulled back. The hour meter was reset to zero for a moment, but after a bit it started displaying the correct number of hours again.

    Needless to say a 12v battery packs a significant wallop and a "china syndrome" harness fire isn't a real suprise. Under a huge laod a circuit breaker could fail and poof!..up goes the harness..and possibly the entire deal if you didn't route all wires and fuel lines correctly

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