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    all new GTX vs FZR vs. 09 Ultra

    as I'm x owner of seadoo..I like the fact that seadoo ski are high tech skis though I had a problem with reliability and maintaining it on other had I never own Yamaha which is respectively reliable ski..I'm having 07 Ultra which I like it's handling in rough water and it looks great in water If someone put all three above skies and make a comparison in terms of speed reliability performance and best look which one you will like to own for next year

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    FZR, just because it's the lightest of the three (power to weight ratio matters most to me, then handling, a close second). I'm actually in a bit of a pickle myself. I tend to ride in semi-rough water all the time, but I'm wondering if the RXP-X is just worth it for me because I like a ski that will hop the waves rather than go through them.

    I would also tend to avoid the new GTX iS for the first model year because they might have a recall or two that need to be ironed out. The suspension is new, the braking system is new... just seems that there could be a lot of things to go wrong with it. I don't want to be a guinea pig to test Sea Doo's new products. If you want a ski with all the high tech goodies, look no further, this is the ski to buy!

    For me, it seems like I'm in search of a new RXP-X or leftover 2008 GP1300R.

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    I would go for FZR if it handle the rough water like ULtra
    ok any guess what will be the top speed for each one of these 2009 stars I mean skies

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