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    flushing outmy polaris sl 700

    hi when flushing out my sl 700 ive noticed that water comes out of the bilge pump hole at the back of the ski is this normal also what happens if i flush the ski without the ski running will this damage the bike??

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    Do some searching. Lots of posts and threads already posted on reverse flushing needing the engine to be running, and the proper way to reverse flush.

    Engine does need to be running, before the water starts, and water stops before the engine stops.

    Check your water hose routing. What you think is the bilge pump exit is probably the engine cooling exit, or cooling water intake.

    If you do not have both the thermostat and the pop-off pressure plunger in place in the thermostat housing, then you also need to clamp the water outlet hose while reverse flushing with the garden hose.

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