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    flushing a gp1200r

    i recently picked up a gp1200r with an electrical porblem for 1500 with a new sbt in this is my first ski .i fixed the electrical issue . what is the proper way to flush it after a ride ? and should i be getting water out of the both pissers on the side of the ski when running it on a hose ?

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    water should come out of the front pissrs if your hose has decent water pressure, if it does not come out them and also does not come out when riding one or both of them may be blocked and will need to be blown out with an air line.

    i run mine for anywhere from 2 -5 minutes on the hose before i put them away.

    also always leave the seat off and hood open when you store them after riding so you dont get condensation build up inside the ski and spary the motor with silicon spray, not wd40 as that eats away at rubber parts.

    thats how i do mine and it seems to work, dont forget to start the motor first before turning on the hose for the motor flush and turn the hose off before stopping the motor, plus give it a little rev when your done to et excess water out of the water box/exhaust

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    thanks i got the pissers to work ski was on to much of a hill .

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