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Thread: I need parts

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    I need parts

    ok here it is.
    i bought a 1996 SLT 700.
    the engine is seized.
    I need some new parts along with a new engine.
    the engine i can probly find here but i was able to salvage some parts from the old engine.
    i was able to get the cylinder heads (red), starter, and the two mounts on the bottom.
    The other parts i need i have to buy from a dealer (i really dont want to)or a good online store (if anyone knows a good one).
    these are the parts i need.
    cooling lines, fuel lines, bilge pump lines, siphon lines, all hoses but the muffler/exaust hoses, Fuel inline filters, oil lines, all gaskets, and a battery vent hose.

    i will post pics of the engine parts i have and the parts i need tommorow.
    basically i am doing a complete rebuild on the ski except for the electrical and and steering components.

    thanks, Darren

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    Most of them hoses can be bought at a auto parts store or a hardware store. In line fuel filters also.

    As for the pre-bent hoses, try John Zigler.

    Gaskets can be bought on line from a number of places.

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    get a sealed battery wont need to vent either ,

    surf ebay for awhile , you'll prolly have buying a new crank and just over boreing the clys , i got a .50 700 kit ill let you have for 170 $ shipped , oh ya its oem

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    well im looking for a whole engine
    but ill keep looking

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    got acces to a non running cylinders or pistons missing one dome,everything else is more or less there.what all do you want from it and how much will you pay for it,the bottom appears good,it was running then lost power,would still spin freely with no clunking,the original motor???then somebody installed a hurricane motor and didn't jet it and it finnaly got hot and did some damage to the cylinder walls

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    Check this website for used jetski parts I have been looking for a lot of used parts lately and found this company and they have a large selection of parts they will even haggle on prices to get you a better deal than what is listed!! Call them they do have a large selection of polaris parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetskigreg View Post
    Check this website for used jetski parts ...Call them they do have a large selection of Polaris parts
    Have you actually purchased from this company?

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    Ok here is what i need

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3392B013[1].jpg 
Views:	37 
Size:	41.6 KB 
ID:	97102 i need all of this pic

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3392B014[1].jpg 
Views:	39 
Size:	56.1 KB 
ID:	97103 i need both # 11's and #26's

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3392C001[1].jpg 
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Size:	39.1 KB 
ID:	97104 i need all of this

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    boss was the motor taken to a shop but never picked up or what , motors seize all the time but you need over bore your clys out to the next size ,

    if they are really rusted its prolly best to bump them out to the next which would be .50

    piston's come in stock 81mm then 81.25 and 81.50 over ,

    if they arnt rusted most likely will just need a slight hone then rering and gap ,

    ok so now we are on to cranks , cranks get twisted ,rusted and broke all the time , unless yours is in two peices or the threads are messed up on one of the both ends . yours should be able to be rebuilt ,

    the case's unless one rod let go and started beating or grinding your motor to bits they are still good , but keep an eye out for a motor it seems you are a little edgey about rebuilding your motor

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    How about this?

    Convert to a 780??? If you are interested, we can work out a deal. I have everything you need to swap over to a Fuji 780 engine. The catch is, you would have to get the PTO cylinder fixed. I did this last year (on the mag cylinder) for $125 + gaskets. I would also include the cylinder base and head gasket for the cylinder needing the work.

    Sorry to play this banjo in your orchestra, but it's something to consider

    To the guys out there that may this even feasable?

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