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    DJSA Race-11 / Six Flags / Results - Photos - Comments

    Results coming tonight guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by TIOARI View Post
    Results coming tonight guys
    i have a Comment!!! i felt bad i was not there ,but you are the MAN JIM!! it has been 2 weeks i have not rode my ski and my body is aching......and we have 2 weeks break for another dying to ride

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    Sorry these took so long to get posted! With the fulll day at Six Flags, the day at Hogans yesterday and then spending all day at William's school today I came home and crashed. I did not even go through these and take out the blurry ones, sorry!

    Here y'all go!

    650's and X2:

    Super and Fast Stands:

    Sport Sits:

    Sprint Sits:

    SCXP Fast Sits:

    Ski Clinic:

    Safety Staff and Extra's:

    Before and After the race:

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    Traci..... what blurry ones??? YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLE!!!
    Thanks for the hundreds of memories you give our racers to hold onto forever... They are awesome, but now the results won't be posted for another day or 2 because I have to check out all 1492 photos!
    (Relax - I'm Kidding) There really are 1,492 photos - but here are the results...


    ps - Patrick.. we missed the #415 out there. Hurry back brother!

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    The Unofficial – Official Results from Race #11

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
    Sat, Sept 27th, 2008


    Sport 650 Standup
    1st o/a #22V - Taylor Van Fossen with a triple sweep - 1,1,1 – 100 pts
    2nd o/a #157 - Joe Gardemeyer - 2,2,2 – 80 pts
    3rd o/a #322 - Jerry Powers – 3,6,3 – 70 pts
    4th o/a #250 – Rick Robson – 4,3,5 – 60 pts
    5th o/a #53 – Joe Cattoor – 5,5,4 – 50 pts
    6th o/a #810 – Joe Orr – 9,4,7 – 40 pts
    7th o/a #33V – Jason Van Fossen – 8,7,6 – 30 pts
    8th o/a #282 – Matt Rennie – 7,8,8 – 20 pts
    9th o/a #188 – Bert Bird – 6,9,dnf – 15 pts

    1st o/a #72 – Doug Wolff – 1,1,1 – 75 pts

    Super 800 Novice Open
    1st o/a #37 – Ben Schembri – 1,1,1 – 100 pts
    2nd o/a #111 – Ryan Haag – 2,4,4 – 80 pts
    3rd o/a #715 – Jeremy Dixon – dnf,2,2 -70 pts
    4th o/a #970 – Matt “650” Saale – dns,3,3 – 60 pts

    FAST Stand
    1st o/a #149 – Pete Zernik – 1,1,1 – 100 pts
    2nd o/a #658 – Ian Roberts – 2,2,3 – 80 pts
    3rd o/a #5 – Josh Janeway – 4,3,2 – 70 pts
    4th o/a #99 – Jason Billings – 3,4,4 – 60 pts


    Sport Sit 900
    1st o/a #11 – Derek Carlson – 1,1,1 – 100 pts
    2nd o/a #88 – Robert Bird – 2,2,2 – 80 pts
    3rd o/a #66 – Alec Chattaway – 3,3,3 – 70 pts
    4th o/a #3 – Mike Hammond – 5,4,4 – 60 pts
    5th o/a #34 – Dean Brown – 4,5,5 – 50 pts

    Sprint Sit 1200+
    1st o/a #5 – Johnny Dahlberg – 1,1,1 – 100 pts
    2nd o/a #8 – Rick Garcia – 4,2,2 – 80 pts
    3rd o/a #37 – Stan Schrock – 2,4,3 – 70 pts
    4th o/a #90 – Chris Cottle – 3,3,4 – 60 pts

    1st o/a #10 – Deny Janeway – 2,1,1 – 100 pts
    2nd o/a #95 – Dave Cottle Jr – 1,2,2 – 80 pts
    3rd o/a #11 – Carlos Thomas – 3,3,3 – 70 pts
    4th o/a #229 – Scotty Harrington – 4,4,4 – 60 pts

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    Well another great race in the books. I do have to say, in that last race I had a really great start. I was right behind Jeremy going through the first turn. I couldn't believe I was in second (all by myself), then I got too excited and rolled off of Jeremy's jetwash and wrecked right before the first right hand turn.

    Oh well...Jeremy get your boat running and kick some a$$ at the finals!!! Good luck to the Nor Cal Jet Ski Crew at the finals!!!

    Jim and safety crew, Thanks again for another great event! See ya all in Suisun.

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    As Ryan said above - it was definitely another great race in the books!
    11 down, 3 to go… If one word was to describe race 11, I would have to say “smooth” would pretty much cover it. Registration went pretty much as planned, Launching and the race schedule went pretty much as planned, and about the only thing that needed some tweaking, were the post race activities.

    The plan “was” to hold the awards presentations on the beach right after the last race, but I think everyone had flashbacks about the norcal/socal shootout, and trailering during a late hour – and most everyone beat feet to get their skis and equipment over to the Dan Foley Park ramp before a line built up… One of these days a race will go smoothly without any snags (or weddings or family reunions blocking the launch ramp where racers are trying to pull out).

    As cool as it is running at a venue like Six Flags, it does have its own set of challenges to contend with and I’d give anything if there was onsite parking for race rigs, but the park isn’t set up with us in mind, and we kind of have to roll with it. Unfortunately you have to really decide if what you forgot in the car is worth walking 10 football fields for! On the bright side, I did find a cool little shortcut with the boat that can drop you off at the edge of the parking lot area… Might have to use that little life saver on future events there!

    All in all, it was an awesome race day, and the thing that amazes me is seeing the racing get better and better each race. Right when I think it can’t get any better, you guys blow me away in every class but before I talk about that, these races wouldn’t be taking place without the hard work of some very special people and I have to give out some serious thanks where it’s due!

    Stephanie Beltram and Nicole Lennon (who made her first race debut filling in for Nicole Lambert) made registration and scoring look easy, and they were on top of the game all day long! At work we say “the job’s no fun till the paperwork’s done”… It’s really no different at the races. There is a TON of behind the scenes paperwork that has to be completed and it has to be accurate. Steph and Nicole, I think you broke a record for how fast you scored these races. My sincere thanks for putting up with me and for doing another awesome job!

    Team Orange – The Safety Ski Dudes
    Safety Ski 5 - John Bonkowski left his comfy spot at Lake Havasu just to make sure race 11 ran as planned – and that would be SAFELY! The guy drove halfway across the country, helped me set out 42 buoys, and still had enough energy to have breakfast burritos for everyone on Saturday morning… When it comes to working the course during a race, I watch John and 3 words come to mind… “poetry in motion”! (4 other words come to mind as well,,, “I WANT THAT KAWASAKI” !!!) We’re going to have to have a K machine shootout between Team Ski and Copper Jim Welle one of these days…
    TEAMSKI is definitely one in a million and we are very fortunate to have him on the team.

    Safety Ski 3Phil Lago. When I talked to Six Flags on Tuesday - the conversation started out with….. “we might have a little problem with the lake”. Seems as though all the grass they had “removed” prior to the Shootout decided to make a stronger than ever comeback because of warmer than normal water temperatures. We saw the lake on Wednesday and I instantly wanted to shoot myself, but Phil said “no big deal, we’ll handle it.” This dude spent 2 days in a row using a cutting bar towing it up one line, and back down another, collecting hundreds of pounds of grass with each pass. It was nothing less than back breaking work but he kept at it until it was so dark we couldn’t see anymore.

    Although the lake conditions were less than perfect on Saturday, if Phil had not “mowed the lawn” the way he did we wouldn’t have had any race conditions because guys would have never made it to the beach! On top of that, Phil tows skis and boats wherever they need to be, makes sure they are fueled and oiled up, and loads up whatever it is that needs to be loaded up in the motorhome. And that’s before a race.

    During a race I have no worries whatsoever when Safety Ski 3 is on the job. Watching Phil work the course gives me the same feeling as when Bonkowski is out there – “poetry in motion”! Schrocketman took a swim in one of the Sprint sitdown heats, and before I could even hit the alarm tone on the radio, Phil came ripping up to protect the corner and then made a nice “slow is pro” approach and had Schrock back on his ski in no time… Watching you guys race is the coolest thing in this world, but watching these guys work the course as safety skis is also very cool. Phil, I kid around with you a lot, but I got 3 words for you….
    “You tha man”.

    Danny Marlatt has been on deployment with the coast guard and his absence has definitely been felt, but much thanks to the TNGIT! (Two new guys in training)
    Safety Ski 1 - Josh Beltram and Safety Ski 2 - Paramedic Trainee Brandt Hanson.
    I evaluate many qualities and traits when deciding just who to put on one of those orange and white skis, and I’m very excited with the potential that both these youngsters have shown under the watchful eyes and guidance from John and Phil. My sincere thanks to both these guys who braved the heat and the spray, all day long so that you guys have a safe course to race on.
    Josh and Brandt, can’t wait to have you back!

    Announcer Mike Vestel The shootout was a success because some dude we dig named “throttle junkie” kept the crowd fired up, and up to date with what class was running and who the racers were in the class… I really dig that connection with the spectators, and whether it’s at Six Flags, Suisun, Salt Springs, or Pittsburg, that’s something I want to see continue. I can’t impose on the throttle junkie to drive all the way here every time we have a series race so…

    Introducing Mr. Mike Vestel. Mike heard about our races, and of my quest to find an announcer, and he volunteered to help out. Mike said he had never announced before, but had plenty of public speaking experience and a strong passion for PWC and boat racing…that was good enough for me! When I was down on that start dock and Mike introduced each of you on the line, I felt nothing but pride for you guys and it was very cool to have the top 3 places announced as soon as the heat was over… (plus it never hurts to have our friends endorsed over the speaker system as well!) I think when Mike gets more familiar with all of us he is going to add much to an already great program. I didn’t have a lot of time to talk with Mike afterwards, but he sent me a note saying how impressed he was with all you guys and that for as long as we want him on the mike, Mike will be “on the mike”…. In fact, that’s the screen name I saw for him on this site…. “Mike on the mike”. Mr Vestel – my sincere thanks, and welcome to the DJSA family!

    What do you do to keep everyone amused in between heats and freestyle shows? You play some bumpin music that gets everyone jammin!!! And who does that with a little passion of her own? The “Sound Queen” Miss Catriona Cottle….What did I hear when Superman Rick Garcia took to the water? The Superman song of course. And the Thriller song….and the Mighty Mouse Song for the Safety Ski crew… Cat recorded hundreds and hundreds of tracks onto her laptop, and somehow she figured out how to take advantage of that Six Flags Sound System and play just the right song at the right time to get everyone moving and in the mood…. (Was that Sammy Hagar’s “I can’t drive 55” I heard when Saale was out on the course?)

    Cat, I can never thank you enough for all you have done to push DJSA with the local papers, but you have a new niche girl… those tunes you play just at the right time get me fired up, and if I’m fired up, you know all those guys on the line are going to be fired up, and when those guys are fired up, theres no way the fans can’t get fired up too! As DJSA continues to grow, I hope that one place you’ll always want to express your creativity will be in the sound booth. 2 words – “You Rock”…. Literally!!!

    Course photographer - Traci Cottle
    One of my dreams was to have a course photographer who could add a little sumpin sumpin to the program by way of providing all the guys with a few 8X10 memories of their races that would last a lifetime… Little did I know with Traci’s camera, and passion, we’d be getting 1500 plus quality pics from every race….and she does all this without expecting anything in return.
    No other race venue that I know of has a course photographer who gives photos up for free, (let alone spectacular ones like these) and when you start to add up how much time it takes to upload, download, post to the site etc… all I can say is I hope I hit the lottery in the next few weeks so I can make it up to her. Traci – I hope you know how much your photos mean to all of us!!!

    David Cottle Sr – the guy who makes all those thrilling water shots possible by having the photo boat on the course, or the extra course safety boat, or the vee wake boat, or the shuttle boat…. Dave Sr always has 8 words for me… “Jim, what do you need me to do”. Aside from being the proud Dad of 2 incredible racers I know, Dave never misses a beat out on the course when he’s “working” and whether its patrolling the closed course, or cruising the river as a chase boat during an enduro, I have 3 words of my own for Dave Sr…. “THANK YOU SIR!”

    Miss Meliza Solan…. Heard a few of her recorded tracks on you tube and her voice made me melt…. Asked her to sing the National Anthem at the Seafood Festival and a tear came to my eye as I looked at all you guys on the water after the tribute parade lap… Last Saturday as I heard her voice echo across Lake Chabot stadium, it almost happened again but I bit my lip. This little girl lets it rip!!! Many of you missed her tribute song to baby Mason Waddle, but you’ll have the chance to hear her sing “When you’re gone” live at the Nov 15th awards banquet.
    Meliza - I don’t know of any racer who doesn’t get fired up when you sing the National Anthem, and all I want to do after I hear it is jump on a ski and tear up that course, but please accept these 4 humble words….. Thank you so much!

    Ski Clinic
    Derrick, Lil D, Taunia, John Kaszer, Supersize, Jack, and the entire SKI CLINIC TEAM… You will never know just how much excitement and passion you add to our races. I was amazed the first time I saw you both defy gravity 3 years ago, and that amazement only gets stronger every time I watch you guys entertain and amaze hundreds of people.…. And now “Lil D” is following in Dad’s footsteps with a little bit of game himself! What’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen? The looks of awe on all those kid’s faces at the Seafood Festival. It’s been a wild year for all of us. Next year will be even bigger. The pleasure of working with you… is all mine. My sincere thanks for all you do for DJSA.

    Is there a doctor in the house? How about The Ski Doctor Joe Orr.
    Master wrench, technical guru, marketing consultant – and the best part? A real racer! Joe has a ton of awesome ideas for all you race guys and those will be taking shape next season. My head is always spinning in circles, but Joe has come up with some great ideas to make all that spinning just a little bit more focused. Joe… I thank you for all that time you spend on the computer making up way cool fliers, the modernized website, the racer ID cards, your marketing ideas. Using “Chats” phrase, when I have “a blast of a heart attack”… I hope you and a few of the other guys will all pull together and keep this thing going…

    The next people to thank, are 30 of the most talented PWC racers from throughout the greater Bay Area who made this day so awesome…but that’s coming soon - I’m almost out of coffee...

    (and to everyone throwing well wishes my way – I thank you. I’m finally getting back to normal…) Nyquil and non fat iced lattes – good mix, but here’s 5 words for ya… Is it Oct 18th yet? I’m so ready!!!

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    Is it the 18th Yet?

    Jim, It has been a long time since I have looked forward to events like this. You and your crew have made this season a very memorable one . Hope and I enjoy every race...even if do I go swimming. We all say "Hats off to You!".

    Can't wait till the 18th ...can you put bouys out in front of Lauritsens???

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