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    oil light when cold

    2003 4-tec 155 stock when cold oil warning comes on until it gets warm ski works great until next time out, both sensors have been changed, plan to take oil out until it reaches the half way mark on the dipstick when warmed up oil is full or at the second bent when warm currently, just wondering if anyone else has the same problem or other solutions

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    You might want to connect an oil pressure guage to the motor is see what the actual pressure is... Ron

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    should i remove the lower sensor and find a gauge to fit, and if so do i have to jump the the harness when i check the pressure, thanks

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    There's a plug on the oil filter canister that can be removed and a oil pressure guage can be screwed in there. Download a service manual from the Sea-Doo General page and it will show you where to find the plug and what pressures to expect... Ron

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    thanks for the reply,sounds a lot easier will download specs

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