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    Question about Update kit and static timing

    I have aquired a 2000 Genesis with carbs that after troubleshooting, needs an ignition kit. Actually, only the stator tests bad, but until that is resolved i can't verify the CDI, so i may as well get the whole lot and then i have it if needed. My question is, i can only find part numbers for the kit up to '99 model year 1050cc. I have read that all 3 cyl kits fit all 3 cyl engines, but does that include the 1200cc? Sory if that's a dumb question, i'm not familiar with all the engines polaris have. I called a dealer who told me he thinks it is part # 2873356, but on this forum, that kit is designated for up to '99 1050's. I just need to be sure before i drop $350.

    Next is the static timing. I have a hall sensor tester, but i don't seem to be able to find the piston position chart for static timing in my manual. It's the manual i downloaded from this forum for all 2002 models. There is a reference to it in the timing section, but it's not on the page it references. My '92 - '98 manual has the chart in it, but that's for the 1050 motor and the timing on the 1200 is 23 BTDC as opposed to 18 BTDC on the 1050. I have the degrees to piston conversion chart for my motor, just not the hall sensor timing piston position.

    Lastly is the Ignition coil which was way out of spec on the CEN position. Is there a number for the coil complete with all the wires, or do i have to order everything individually?

    Thanks for any help given, it is very much appreciated.

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    2000 Geni, just replace the stator.
    Are you sure the battery was fully charged for starting?
    If you only have problems with a warm engine on restarts, check out the wiring up-date. Post 7

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    Battery was charged, no problems there. Not sure about restarts as i haven't had it running yet. I have the update though so i'll modify it anyway while it's all apart. Is there any way to test the CDI statically? if not, i'd rather pay the extra and have it on hand. The ski died after being submerged. The water was emptied out by the owner and the motor flushed and started up again, but it just cut off on the lake and has not sparked since. I'm assuming water breached the front cover somehow and led to a short in the stator. Either way, whatever happened, it tests bad by the book, so i know i definately need the stator.

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