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    MSX 110

    Hey guys. I own a 2004 aquatrax T3 1200 turbo. But I cam across a 2004 MSX 110 turbo w/ no trailer for 1500.00 dollars and is in mint looking condition w/ 40 hrs on it. I have read a lot of stuff about this ski. the low value is about 2500.00 and high is about 3500.00. Now I know 1500.00 sounds like a great deal BUT.....I have read bad stories on other fourms and on google. Do I spend 1500.00 on this ski and take a chance or do I pass it up on the possability that its a terd and keep looking for another deal? All feed back walcome good or bad. I am not selling my honda for this ski was just looking for a 2nd ski. Thanks....Pat

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    Other MSX110/MSX150 owners will jump in, I am sure.

    I think you need to water test the machine. Verify that peak engine RPM are available, and that the machine runs properly, with no warnings or symptoms.

    Apparently these engines are quite economical with fuel, but do require mid-grade or higher octane gasoline. The MSX hull is one of these best that Polaris made, and rides very well in choppy water.

    There are a few Weber motor maintenance items that must be understood. If they are managed, then the Weber turbo-charged engine, and the entire PWC, can be a fairly reliable ride.

    A common issue is too much oil in the reservoir. The dipstick markings are misleading, and filling to the Full mark when cold leads to excess oil getting into the air intake tract, where it can contaminate some sensors. Keep the oil level a little below full, and there is no issue.

    The turbo waste-gate shaft can get sticky, and cause reduced power and sometimes a warning message. Keep it lubricated, and it should be fine.

    Both issues have been covered here in detail. Search for wastegate and contamination in the Polaris forums.

    There is a way to upgrade the 110HP engine to the 150HP level, if you want to get into that.

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