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    94 Spx Still Acting Up!

    Hey my 94 spx is still shuting down after a few minutes of riding and reves high rpm when out of the water on flush pipe. (DEALER REPLACED THE TANK RAN FINE UNTIL THAT WAS DONE, NOW THERE BEING JERKS ABOUT IT) This is a stupid question but does it have a fuel pump on it or do the carbs pull the gas like a suction? Also what is cavatinting? I was told the carbs may have got trash in them and are causing a lean problem. Any help would be great.

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    no pump, carbs suck the fuel in. i wouldn't think that they would get dirty on a new tank . i say they are full of brown colored stuff that i cant mention.

    at this point i would talk to the owner/highest manager you can find. if they still want to jerk you around then get all of the documention of the work they did and any witnesses you can find that saw the ski running before you took it to them and then not running after you got it back. if you have another dealer in your area or repair shop, take the ski to them and get a written estimate. then take that estimate back to the dealer who replaced the tank and tell them, "either you fix it or i will have the other guy fix it and send you the bill. if you refuse to do either then i will contact a lawyer and the better buisness bureau." do not take anymore bull-brown colored stuff- from that dealer. he knows one of his guys messed up but doesnt want to pay to fix it.

    but thats just what i would do.

    good luck man

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