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    1997 sxp, 94 polaris sl750, 89 xp

    i have 3 jet skis i need to get rid of.

    1. 1997 sea doo spx800 runs good but needs a freeze out plu welded in the exhaust. 1200 no trailer
    2. 1994 polaris sl750 runs but needs fuel filters cleaned in carbs. 1200 no trailer
    3. 1989 seadoo xp turns over fine but needs cdi box to run 500 no trailer
    4. double trailer with box mounted on front. new lights and tires. 600 if skis sell first
    5. single trailer new lights and tires 400 if skis sell first

    i will put the skis on whatever trailers if you want to work a deal on ski and trailer

    i can help with delivery for the price of gas within a resonable distance. the double trailer has a box on it that holds everything.
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    can someone tell if my price is too high or just not the right time to be selling

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    What type of buyer do you expect would be looking to buy five 11-19 year old PWC, two with no engines or papers, and each of the others needing some service or repair?

    I suggest you will need to split these up, and sell them individually. In some cases, you may get more money by parting them out.

    If you need to have them gone fast, then aggressive pricing may be necessary.

    Are any of the guys that part out PWC nearby?
    As a last resort, you may be able to get rid of them all in one shot that way.

    This is a difficult environment to be selling older PWC, I think. Summer is gone, and money is tight in many homes.

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    i will seperate the skis if someone is interested in just one or two of them. just shoot me some offers. i just dont want to have a good ski sitting on the ground without a trailer so i would prefer to sell the skis with or without the trailers. if the skis sell without then i will sell the trailers.

    later steve

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    i edited prices for single ski purchases.

    thanks steve

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    Ebay is a good place to deal stuff like this. No reserve is a guaranteed sale.

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