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    98 GSX with blown engine

    98 GSX Limited / blown engine
    Greetings all,
    Have a 98 GSX Limited with a blown 947 engine. (ser. M493267)
    The rear piston rod has gone.
    I'm going to part the whole unit out and wanted to know if I'm best trying to sell the engine complete or piece by piece.
    The head looks good and the one jug has a small scrape about 1/2" long
    There are no holes in crank case and have not removed crank to see if it junk or salvagable.
    What kind of money could I ask for this or do I have an boat anchor?
    Gonna part the GSX out as well but I can see what others are selling those parts for on e-bay.
    Thanks for any help.


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    What colour is the GSX?

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    The wet left coast.
    If you were on the west coast I would jump all over that ski.

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    Rebuild it. Just did one for a friend in here in MN. Lots of parts (for the red ones anyway). I have a 97 - 800 that I run. Where is the ski located?

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    Bottom is red and top is silver
    Seat is in good shape.
    Guys I bought from was a moron and cut the gas filler neck and the oil tank lines and straps.

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