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    Talked to the mechanic at the yamaha dealer

    Dropped my SHO off at the dealer today and got to talk with the mechanic for a little while. He said that when he went to train on the new engine (SHO 1.8l) They had it set up in a test tank and it was pushing 285hp he said they had 200hrs on it w/o any probs. He also said that they didn't have an intake filter on the supercharger at all. He was very descriptive about everything and I believed him. Has anyone else heard anything like this?? He said that it was the same engine we all have but ours has been detuned. He made me REALLY excited about the possibillities of a new ECU!!

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    there were plenty of roomers around saying the same thing before they came out

    it was said that the bean counters had only wanted 210hp so thats what they got


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    sounds like the same thing that sho guy was talking about after all. did he say anything else

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    He said that they were using the stock pump he seemed busy so I didn't get to talk to him long. He was very enthusiastic about the engine.

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    It's too bad all of us on Yamaha 4 Stroke Performance board don't all live on the same street. That would be killer!

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    SHO power plant

    Hej all!

    Writing to you from Europe, hence the funny spelling of "hi"...
    Regarding the rumours around the power of the 1812 cc engine from Yamaha and comparing it to Kawi's and SD's bare in mind that Yamaha presents power in the pump rather than on the crank shaft like at least Kawi does. That is a big difference and one of the reasons Yamaha is on par with the competition with less power.

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    Where did you get that info from? Also if the pump is dry when dynoed, (which I dont see any other way it could be) than its not like a car where you have a lot of drivetrain power loss, it would be almost exactly the same at the shaft, or the crank, since the driveline is directly coupled.

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    Er.. then why does the engine have the rated power labeled on it?

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