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    Anyone have plans for building a dolly/stand?

    I see plans 'for sale' on ebay for.. what a crock. Anyone have their own plans they would like to share? Id like to make a dolly to roll around my yard. I might make a smaller stand for my basement if I get a stand up.

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    Ive searched and found pics but no plans...

    Id also like to make one with wheels that will allow me to roll it from my driveway onto my lawn.. but im not sure what type of wheels would work.. i would assume that they would need inflatable tires.. anything else would sink into the dirt from the weight of the ski... no?

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    there are tons of threads with pictures, but I haven't seen plans either. it doesn't look that hard though. check the classifieds, there might be one for sale.

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    If you are going to store it on soft ground, perhaps you can buy a used PWC 'beach cart' with the fat tires.

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    that cant be cheap..

    in some of the threads people are claiming to have spent $70-80 bucks in materials. If thats the case, id rather purchase one for $125.. but im convinced that one can be made out of wood for less than $50

    There are lots of threads with pics.. but no how-tos.


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    Try this. I think a lot of people have used this as a template.

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    You can build one out of PVC pretty cheaply, and they're simple enough your "plans" can be sketched on a napkin.

    Here's a link to a thread on PWCToday -- scroll through for a couple different designs, including mine...

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    Excellent! thanks!!

    So you see no need to carpet the bunks?

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    pneumatic casters for off driveways.

    I've never built a wood or plastic cart but several metal ones. The key to moving them smoothly or very little effort is the choice in casters. Make sure you get some that are rated 2x the weight you plan on storing on the cart. Here are some choices for off driveway use.

    My carts...
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