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    Cool I just got a 2000 Polaris SLX watercraft. What to do first?

    So I got a used Polaris 2000 SLX (1200cc) off of Craigs list yesterday for $2200 cash, with trailer and cover. I'll post some pics soon.

    The ski looks to be in really good condition overall. I would rate this SLX at 95% of original condition externally, and the engine compression test numbers were 134-132-132 (approximately).

    It runs a bit rough at idle, and probably hasn't been serviced in a while.

    My questions are....

    #1) what basic maintenance issues should I do first, before I go rag on it?

    #2) Are there any essential performance upgrades should I install at this time, while I'm already working on the ski?

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    Sounds like a good find!

    Carbs should probably be pulled apart and cleaned. Make sure the carb adjustment screws are properly set.

    If it has the grey Tempo fuel lines, they should be replaced. New fuel and oil filters. Check inside the fuel tank for any goop from the Tempo fuel lines.

    The SLX already has the extended jet pump and ride plate, and the 1200 engine. Is is pretty quick in stock form, what are you wanting to improve?

    New spark plugs, check the ignition wires, and possibly trim the wire ends to ensure a solid contact.

    Good quality synthetic 2-stroke oil would be good, going forward.

    If it has the plastic hood hinge design (a Polaris recall item), make sure the wire safety strap has been installed.

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    bring it to me grasshopper,master will teach you much .4 things i can think of right off the bat,rd650 grate,carbon tech light tension petals,and swap the 70 low jets for 65's,jet works valve and then ride it like a rental or bring it to me and i'll ride it like i stole it

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    add on

    as a side note you should make sure the 6 bolts for the red pipe are all tight,they have a tendacy to shake loose

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