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    Which Impeller to Run

    Ok, here is what I have done to my RXP-X and what I plan on doing to it..

    Riva Rear Air---done
    Riva Rear Exhaust---done
    R&D Intake Grate---done
    Reduction Nozzle---done
    Pump Wedge w/ VTS Extension---done
    Riva IC Relocation Kit---done
    RE Block offs---done
    Reverse Bucket Mod---done
    Ride Plate holes filled---done

    Coming Soon...

    Riva Pump Extension---will I still need Pump Wedge?
    2RUDE SC
    GH Waterbox

    With all of the above done or going to be done, what should I do next? Also I currently have the stock impeller in there. Which impeller do ya'll recomend I change to? Of course, all thoughts are appreciated.

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    Anyone have ideas?

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    what are your current readings with that set-up? top speed/rpm's..i believe the 15/22r is what youre looking for.

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    I'm pretty close to your setup and used a 15/22. You should be ok with this, but you'll have to pitch it up as you add mods

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