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    gp1200r will not start

    hi guys my ski will not start i have a spark but the petrol does not seem to be getting through how and what do i check for this problem,thanks

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    it sounds like you have a fuel problem with your ski.

    it sounds like you might have either a blocked fuel line or your carbs are in need of a rebuild...its two things to consider...check the how to section if you want more info on carbs and although you may not have to rebuild your carbs it will give you the detailed information you may need to help fix this problem.

    have you tried changing the fuel selector onto the reserve tank then starting it?????, i had a problem with my 02 gpr where the main fuel line stopped supplying fuel and using the reserve switch got it going......try that as well please as that may isloate the issue for you.

    you have proved its got spark so you need to work out where the blockage is.
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