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    Smile cavitating sltx

    I have a 97 sltx ,impeller looks good,pump seal is good,thru hull seal good.Yet it cavitates bad out of hole.Is there a problem area with this design or pump setup?my wifes slt exhibits no cavitation at all.Is there a problem with hull shape or pump loading common to this model or am I just missing something?with a heavy load it cavitates bad out of hole.I will pull pump again and check it all out.Photocraft or other polaris owners ,thanks in advance for your replys and help>Marvin

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    i would most definetly check your seals as there is air coming in some where.
    this can be very bad for you ski. i only know this cuz i know some stuff about propellars and pumps ...and air vapor pockets can be bad.

    check the seals around the shaft on the inside of the hull.
    also make sure your siphon hoses arent loose beside the pump housing, the negative pressure there could be sucking air in from the hull.

    good luck with your ski hope you fix the problem...keep us posted.

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    thanks i just finished pulling pump and seals driveshaft,the seals are weak not bad just weak,and one edge of impeller is bad also,i was sure problem was with air around seals or impeller even though it looked good ,i was asking about the hulls as in some yamahas it is a problem area.thanks for your reply,let me rephrase the question,are there any known problem areas with the sltx ,hull,intake(h2o),or extended pump,that need extra special attention?thanks again in advance >Marvin

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    Make sure you have the large o-ring that seals the wearing to the hull. Also the pump shoe should be resealed to the hull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjetskey View Post edge of impeller is bad ...
    How bad is the impeller?
    Any damage to jet pump stator fixed vanes?

    How much clearance between impeller blades and pump body around the impeller (aka wear ring)?

    Normally the Polaris jet pumps seem to be sealed fairly well. Unless someone has previously removed the pump base or ride plate, and not properly re-sealed them.

    If you have an extended jet pump, you might want to check that corrosion hasn't compromised the metal-metal joint where the extension ring mates with the pump base, right where the leading edge of the impeller blades reside inside.

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    Too much or too little sealant can cause cavitation I've read.

    Make sure the pump shoe is sealed really well.

    Make sure the ride plate is sealed really well at the front.

    Make sure the intake grate is sealed really well to the ride plate.

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    I'll help with half a hint, who can fill in the blanks?

    We used to open the low speed circuit screws one full turn and then let the boat idle in the water. The black from the exhaust will lead you to your leak air leak. Question is how does it work??

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    I pulled pump to replace impeller and found a place where the sealant from the factory shoe was gone ,I knew it had to be something like this,yes there is slight damage to vanes ,but I dremeled it clean, I have seen kawa pumps with half stator vanes missing and not cavitate near this bad.It had to be air leak.and I sealed up between pump ext. and wear ring even though it was tight fit.THanks for your help guys.Ps I still like my wifes slt780 over this sltx ,not quite as fast but much better all around ski with the flat seat.I am going to try flat seat on sltx and see if that makes a diff.I weigh 250 so I'm sure thats it,I will say the slt lugs my wife(almost big enough to burn #2 diesel) myself 250lbs and grandson 3 yrs old around with ease.I have new found respect for polaris watercraft!!>Marvin ps. got that impeller beerdart thanks!!

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