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    UNION Brothers and Sisters!

    This morning I had to be on a picket line for 6:00am on an ongoing job that non-union glaziers doing my work. There were only 3 of us that could attend on surprise notice and that`s all we needed!

    EVERY UNION trade approached us at the gate, asked the proper questions, made contact with their supervisor and Agents and guaranteed our success by not crossing our line.

    various business Agents called and visited us to give a lending hand!

    I was amazed at the solidarity that I once knew still exsisted. We shut the job down!!!
    all union: Electricians, Fitters, Tin knockers, brickies, laborers, carpenters etc all Honored our line!...
    and all delivery trucks turned around and left, even a scheduled crane.

    That message that went sent to the GC was huge in so many way!...

    I was very proud to participate as I was in my proactive stance!...

    thought I`d share to some of you UNION brothers and sister out here!...
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    Nice Andy! "Drawing lines in the sand"

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    It's not the destination, it's the journey!! Rip'nTear SHO's Avatar
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    thats great to hear this era of out-sourcing and see u guys stand together like that ...i a sign of things to come.....

    United We Stand....Divided We Fall

    looks like the middle class has had enough!!!!

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    US based corporations have single-handed brought back the need for unions with the outsourcing...

    Thank God we will be bailing out the foreign based banks soon.

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    United We Stand, Divided We Beg!

    IBEW Local 4
    We Make St. Louis Television!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrotoys View Post
    US based corporations have single-handed brought back the need for unions with the outsourcing...

    Thank God we will be bailing out the foreign based banks soon.
    This is fact IMHO! I am working with 35 union men at night for the next week. Nothing but professionals, to the point, quality work PERIOD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtxsc03 View Post

    United We Stand, Divided We Beg!

    Things like this makes me PROUD to be UNION!!!!

    IBEW Local #2
    St. Louis
    Journeyman Lineman
    "Without your Lineman who would light up your life?"

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    Excellent job!!

    IBEW Local #349
    Substation Electrician

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    Do it right the first time!

    Good Job!

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    We have to wait a few days before we can do this again if they don`t comply with the regulations set forth by the counsel and the state of NJ.

    besides it has way better effect when there is a few days in between, kinda catches them off guard...

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