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    '07 RXP (with stage 1) vs. '08 RXPX (stock)

    Just wondering if a stock RXPX would be fast top end and faster outta the hole then an '07 RXP with a stage 1 riva kit on it?


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    X won't be faster on top, but will be faster out of the hole.

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    Especially an RXP-X with the stock grate... Ron

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    Your 07 Rxp would need a stage 3 supercharcher to be even with a Rxpx with
    an after market grate. Both skis should run around 73.

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    RXP with a stage II wouldn't stay with RXP-X with holes filled and R&D intake. 400 miles over 3 days. Rough, smooth, chop... he was pissed, lol.

    RXT-X with a stage I / II gave me fits in the chop / rollers but I could sneak past on glass. 8 mile run in 1-2 footers was neck and neck. He crossed the finish a length ahead cause I was in the air at the time, between swells I had him RXP stage II was 3rd, then RXT-X stock, then GTX LTD, then the new SHO with an intake grate (that kind of sruprised me), then the GTX 185HP. The rest who cares.

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