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    Break-in Period Perspective

    I see a whole slew of opinion on 'how to ride during the break-in period'.

    I have an 08 RXP and an 08 RXPX. Dealer says to break-in on the learner key. Other posts indicate to break-in the same way you normally ride.

    What is the consensus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Bart View Post
    break them in the same way you normally ride with the regular key and use the FULL RPM range!

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    For the break in peroid you need to keep the learners key at least 75 yards away or else the ski will explode! It in the manual. Break it in the way you wold normally ride just make sure to vary the RPM's and WOTS for short periods of time.

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    vary the throttle / stay away from constant rpm's / ride the damn thang.


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    Read, Mototune usa

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    Tom your dealer is a $#*%:!@ idiot.

    Read the article it works
    Reid like how I worked that in there.

    If you are not comfortable doing it the way mototune says go as hard as you feel comfortable.

    Ride in short burst close to shore for 10 min or so and go in and take the seat off and look for anything loose or leaking then head back out and rag the piss out of it but don't hold the throttle open longer than 1 min or so up top say 2 hours after that I consider the engine broken in.

    The reason to stay close is that lots of piss poor dealers don't know how to prep a ski and anything can happen. If you are an inexperienced rider be careful these ski are a lot for a novice rider to handle.

    I am a believer that you need to change the oil after a couple hours but most will disagree but I feel that getting the oil out after it has had time to clean out the debris is a good thing and it is very easy to do but don't do synthetic(Amsoil) until you hit 10 hours or so.

    Good Luck


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    58 I thought actually and would have hoped to be the case.

    I've been riding and wrenching on two strokes since 1996. Have to say that while I'm happy with the new machines(08 RXP and 08 RXPX) in my stable, I do sort of miss that familiarity with the two stroke engine.

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    what is that dealer and others that say use learners key smoking?
    I always say to people read the damn owners manual it has the most simple and accurate description for break in basically as you normally ride no prolonged full throttle and vary speed and load.

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    Exactly! The owners manual does not say which key to use. Could it be that some dealers will make more money on skis that were broken in with the learners key and have gas-in-oil like some of the skis have?... Ron

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