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    Ultra 150 Ride Plate *Pics*

    Hi Guys...

    I took off my stock ride plate about a week ago from my Ultra 150, and misplaced all the bolts that hold the rideplate to the hull. Could anyone tell me, does a ShredMaster come with mounting hardware? If so that would solve my problems. If not, could anyone tell me how long and how many bolts are used? MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

    Next issue: The metal piece that the rideplate bolts TO fell out when I was taking the stock plate off. It was damaged beyond repair. What is the best way to build a new mounting port, or just cover up the hole where the bolt would attach? Again, any help is MUCH appreciated, my shredmaster is coming tomorrow, and i'm looking to test it out this weekend!

    **You can see in the pictures, the hole on the bottom where the plate bolts to the hull, not the drain plug in the back...** (Well the pictures are not working for some reason...but I can email if the post was not clear...)


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    That sounds like the threaded insert you are talking about. If so that needs to be replaced. There are 8 bolts holding the plate on. The shred will come with 2 pan head screws for the back of the intake grate but you reuse the old ones from your plate.

    The screws are m6x18 stainless used with washers. Here are the part #s

    92150-3775 bolt socket 6x18

    410S0600 washer plain small

    92152-3715 Threded insert

    That insert is for the sponson but should be the same as the ones that holds the ride plate on. They dont show a part # for them. You will have to epoxy the new one in.

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