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    Genesis anti theft code?

    Hello to all. I recently acquired a Genesis and the seller did not know the anti-theft code (no it's not stolen). Is it located on the boat somewhere like cars have the door codes? Is there someone I can email or contact for this info?? Thank you all in advance.

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    If he didn't reset it,I think factory was 1,2,3,4 or something like that.The service manual list what is factory. I think there might be a posting on resetting too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keddano View Post
    If he didn't reset it,I think factory was 1,2,3,4 or something like that.The service manual list what is factory. I think there might be a posting on resetting too.
    Yeah...I think that K447 had that reset thing figured out at one time.

    Might try a PM to him....

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    Arrow MFI display security code reset & unlock (Virage/Genesis)

    Thanks to Chip and several others for this info
    (and some poking around of my own)

    Note: This applies only to the MFI displays (Virage and Genesis), not the older MFD displays.

    Take Blue wire & Pink wire for oil injection tank & fuel tank level senders, short together and connect to ground.

    Next wake up MFI display (press the Display button)
    (security code may already be reset by this point)

    Push in default code 1234 and see if that resets the code.
    Disconnect Blue and Pink wires from ground and restore to normal.

    To enter your own security code

    Hold down the lock button for a few seconds
    First you'll see lock status, ENTER CODE and then
    CHANGE CODE should pop up. Release button.

    You should see OLD CODE, enter the code number (hope it's 1234), if it is the display will show NEW CODE

    Enter your new 4 digit numbered code
    The display will show CODE CONFIRMED

    Re-enter your new code again
    CODE CONFIRMED will appear for a few seconds if the two numbers match.To use the Lock code, press Lock button until ENTER CODE appears, then enter the code.Do the same again (or press the start button) to unlock the security.

    Switch between US English & Metric modes;

    Press and hold both the 1/6 and 2/7 buttons for several seconds

    Calibrate Compass (MFI with built-in Compass only)
    Hold 2 + 3
    Display shows Calibrate
    Orient display, press 1 (Clock Set)
    Rotate display 180 degrees, press 1 (Clock Set)
    Compcal Stor - Compass is now calibrated

    Enable Depth sensor
    Hold 3 + 4
    Message 'Sonar On' appears
    If external depth sensor is not present, 'Sonar Off' appears

    MFI Warning conditions

    Low Fuel 1/8 tank or less remaining
    Low Oil ¼ tank or less remaining
    Low Battery – voltage is 10.9 volts or less
    Check Engine – EMM is not happy about something
    Reverse – Reverse gate is not set to full ahead

    Polaris Virage TXi MFI display wiring connections
    Pin - Colour - Function
    1 - Purple/White - Starter solenoid enable to ground (security code not locked)
    Note: If you short the Purple/White wire to ground, then engine should start, even if the security code is still locked.

    2 - Red/Purple - 12 volt power
    3 - Black - Ground

    4 - Tan/Orange - Check Engine Message and warning LED (Ficht EMM only)

    5 - Pink - Fuel level, 33ohms=Full, 240ohms=Empty
    6 - Blue - oil level, 33ohms=Full, 240ohms=Empty
    Note: Grounding 5+6 causes MFI security code reset to factory 1234 when MFI is woken

    7- Tan - EMM overheat warning... (for carb models the Tan wire is switched to ground by the temp sender to signal overheat)
    8 - Gray/Red - Reverse warning lamp (grounded=LED active), for carb models also grounds (activates) RPM limiter signal to CDI via diode on terminal board (Gray wire to CDI)

    9 - Green/White - Reverse motor input
    10 - Blue/White - Reverse motor input

    11 - N/C
    12 - Yellow - RPM signal, modulated from +12 volts
    (RPM = six times Hertz frequency; 60Hz = 600RPM)
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