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    Scotchguard Air Filter?

    I think I might have a couple of choices. I have the Spectre 9735 Stainless Steel 4" filter. However, I also have a much larger Spectre cotton filter in Red that has much great surface area.

    Has anyone ever tried to waterproof a cotton filter element with a coating like Scotchguard? Will Scotchguard reduce flow?

    I plan on mounting the filter over the fuel tank and don't PLAN on getting it wet, but just curious.


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    I know there are alot of different views on air filters but my view is that the stock setup does not have an air filter so it is obviosly the view of seadoo that 1 is not needed cos the air around water carries very little dust or debries. I run a 4 inch up front with no filter but i do run with a dome of fine stainless mesh over the end of the intake. This is fine enough to stop anything that would harm the sc or engine but creates no restriction. I ran this all season this year with zero problems. Now as far as waterproofing i dont think that anything will stop a cotton filter taking on water. R88

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    try the flowrights they are waterproof, the bigone that comes with the rxp rear air, is good, i've tested it, you can pore water all over it, it will not go thru the membrane, i was astonished, by bill

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