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    Vts/mode/start/stop Block?

    I Was Planning On Installing A Riser & Different Bars. Looks Like The Umi Parts Are Unavailable. Any Suggestions On A Block And Throttle Lever? I Don't Like The Riva One.


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    Try placing an add in our classifeds....WTB(wanted to buy) and state what your looking for..maybe another forum member might have what you need at a reasonable price

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    How about the ones for the X skis?


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    I have just got my UMI kit from a company Now im in the uk and so are they but the guy that i spoke to said that he had sent a few bits to the US coz of supply problems. I got black star bars, UMI throttle + adaptor and the UMI switch block. Got it all installed looks mean and makes the ski alot more controlable. 1 thing tho you will have to bend the UMI throttle to get a full throttle pull. Now i know that it prob gona cost your abit more but if you want it, i figued this mite help you out. R88

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