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Thread: Will it work??

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    Will it work??

    Hey, Will a 1050 motor bolt into my slt 750 hull? With a few mods or?? Anyone here know. Knowing you guys, you do. Thanks, Rod. p.s. Didnt know about this Havasu thing til to late. Am going next year, look forward to meeting some of you. Maybe we could do a summer thing at the co. river this summer. Laughlins always fun.

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    This Q is asked quite a bit, and the usual answer is yes it will work. BUT, there are many factors that needs to be overcome in doing so. Engine mounts, exhaust loaction, electrical system changes, etc....

    Long story short, buy a Polaris with a 1050 already. Much cheaper and easier.

    You can change to a 780 with no problem, Minor changes to carb jetting, 780 CDI and exhaust manifold.

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