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    87 js 550 throttle cable?

    recently bought our first stand up, my daughter fell and the ski keep going full throttle, traveling about 3 miles before coming to an sudden stop. I thick the throttle stuck, is that possible? The crash left a big hole by the water box about the size of a 16" softball can it be repaired?

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    Welcome Klinger!

    Sorry to hear that happened to your daughter!

    The throttle should be spring-loaded to return to idle. I thought all the 'Skis of that vintage had spring-loaded steering, as well. The idea was that the boat would circle around and get you. Later ones have a kill switch.

    Sounds like it was going a lot faster than idle to cause that much damage! Don't know if it would be worth repairing, you might post photos or talk to a fiberglass shop.

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    WELCOME! Disconnect cable from carbs and feel cable and throttle for binding. Check to see that when you open carbs by hand with cable off that they don't stick open and snap back freely. AND PUT A KILL SWITCH ON! They are mandatory where i'm at regardless if unit was built without it. This year found a 'doo idling alone but it was because lanyard was rotten at kill button key. After a long look located rider 250 yds away bobbing. And breathing. With other part of lanyard still attached...

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    the 550 units were designed to slow to idle and then turn in a circle based upon the design of the nozzle. If the ski was going over normal idle it will continue to go straight until it runs out of gas.

    Kill switch is a good idea, but if running properly, the circle turns out to be just the right radius, to allow for slow to idle and it comes right back to you.

    JM $.02

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    Klinger lake may be gun-shy about the idle and circle concept though! That incident would be a "cheek squeezer" for the average rider. As long as i've been ridin' i still put a crease in the seat... LOL

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    i have new, OE kawi replacement face plates, that will go right on your EXISTING start / stop switch, and will allow you ro run a teather kill cord.

    20.00 + s&h for the face plate, and 10.00 for a tether cord.

    these install in less than 10 mins, and there is NO wireing / electrical to do.

    send me an email, if i can help.


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