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    FX hull VS FZ hull???

    I have an 07' FXHO and I am interested in the new FZ series to get more power and the telescoping steering. How does the hull of the new FZ compare to the FX? I know it is lighter than my FX but is it as deep of a V for handling chop? I see the FZR is rated as a 2 person but it is only 1" shorter than my FX. I like the way my FX handles chop so I want ot make sure the FZ is just as deep. There is noone around my that offers demo rides and where I ride it can go from butter to 2'-3' chop in a very short time. Any info is apprecitated, Thanks

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    according to watercraft world/Jeff Hemmel the hulls are very close with the running surface of the FZ being shorter. Fz has full length lifting strakes to improve top speed, and a dihedral keel shape to improve high speed turning.
    The pump inlet is larger than on the FX also. Fz has different chines to help it lean in turns

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    It looks like it is as deep but has a rounder shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjh3ides View Post
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    It looks like it is as deep but has a rounder shape.
    agreed...FX has flat outside chines (more stability) but FZ has round outside chines (more lean-in) going with the stable/SHO for the offSHOre riding im doing....but if ur doing CC courde....FZ might be the way to go....

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