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    Oil Injection Blockoff Question 900zxi

    Just wondering if there is any shaft to pull when removing the oil pump, or if it runs straight off the end of the crank ( i know it did on my 750). I removed the pump and put on the blockoff plate, and blocked the oil injection ports on the carbs. Am I good to go?

    Id just take off the stator housing and look, but those bolts are a PITA w/ the fuel tank so close.

    PS- I tried to search for this, but oil is too short of a word search for, and I couldn't find anything else specific to the 900 kawi.

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    The shaft rides inside the bearing in front of stator and bearing is held in place by a snap ring. No removal is necessary depending on block-off requirements. Some plates have a solid cover that hides shaft and some have hole with seal that shaft passes through. I prefer the solid plate design.

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